Cat Piss

THC: 12% CBD: 1% After Work

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About this Sativa Strain

The sativa cannabis strain Cat Piss derives its name from the pungent reek it radiates – smelling like none other than cat piss itself. This strain is a love it or hate it strain, and leaves a spicy pine (but sometimes skunky) aftertaste in the mouth.

Cat Piss’s lineage is somewhat unknown, with only one parent knowns – the hybrid Skunk #1.

The THC levels of Cat Piss average at 12% and can reach heights of 20%. Many describe the high as uplifting, placing the consumer into a contented and often happy mindset. Its effects are completely cerebral, though some have noted a very slight body high that energizes. It will induce hunger, so expect the munchies. This is a good wake and bake strain, perfect for right before breakfast while helping boost energy for the day’s activities.

Some have experienced bouts of dizziness and paranoia after consuming improper amounts of this strain, besides the normal dry mouth and eyes.

Growers will find that this strain grows tall and takes only seven to eight weeks to flower.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 12%
CBD: 1%

Genetic Lineage

Cat Piss - Sativa Cannabis Strain
Sativa Cat Piss

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Piss

What is Cat Piss?

Cat Piss is known for its pungent aroma. Despite its name, it is admired by some cannabis enthusiasts for its strong effects and distinctive characteristics.

Where does Cat Piss come from?

Cat Piss has an unknown lineage.

What does Cat Piss smell like?

Cat Piss has a strong and pungent aroma, which can be off-putting to some. It is characterized by its skunky and ammonia-like scent, reminiscent of cat urine, hence its name. However, some people find that the strain also carries undertones of earthiness and herbal notes.

What does Cat Piss taste like?

The flavor of Cat Piss is often described as a combination of skunk and earthiness, with a strong aftertaste that can be intense for some users. Due to its pungent aroma, the taste may not be appealing to everyone.

What color does Cat Piss have?

Cat Piss buds can display light shades of green, with pale orange pistils. The buds are medium in size, dense and covered in a layer of white trichomes.

What effects does Cat Piss have?

Cat Piss is known for its potent effects. Users often experience a strong cerebral high, characterized by increased energy, euphoria, and creativity. Some users also report a relaxing body sensation, although the strain is primarily recognized for its stimulating effects.

Is Cat Piss an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Cat Piss is considered a sativa strain.