A Point of Sale Customized For Your Dispensary

Hytiva’s POS works with any device to sell your products behind the counter, on the sales floor, and anywhere your customers need you. We keep your focus on the customer by removing time draining tasks like manually entering lab data and re-entering the same product info over and over.

hytiva point of sale cart checkout
  1. Dollar Unmatched Performance

    Our POS is constantly monitored with millions of items and <100 millisecond responses. Speed unmatched by ANY POS vendor.

  2. Help Easy to Use

    Answer customer questions and complete their order on one screen. Beautiful receipts and labels are printed automatically.

  3. Shield Real Automation

    Cloud printing, phone system integrations, and more are built-in. No third party accounts and bills just to print a receipt or deliver an order.

  4. Dollar Tailored to You

    Choose the inventory model, customer flow, automations, and hardware that suit you. Want something new? We are here to help!