Fire Haze

THC: 20% CBD: .4% Daytime

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About this Sativa Strain

The highly potent sativa cannabis strain Fire Haze emits a pungent lemony smell and tastes similar, with a nutty and/or earthy undertone.  Its buds are frosty with trichomes with red pistils entwining themselves throughout.

The parents of Fire Haze are the hybrid Valley OG Kush and hybrid OG Kush.

The THC levels of Fire Haze have known to reach 20%. This strain produces a high that is mostly cerebral, creating a sense of euphoria and energizing the mind into deep thoughts. Conversations will seem more enjoyable and creative, with focus increasing as tension melts away in the neck head, neck, and spine. Your mood will elevate into a happy state of contentment. If too much is consumed at once, it can push you over the edge and make you sleepy as the high wears down.

Reviewers have noted this strain is not recommended for newbie consumers as it has a tendency to induce paranoia if consumed in large doses. 

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 20%
CBD: .4%

Genetic Lineage

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Hybrid OG Kush
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Indica Hindu Kush
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