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Kali China is a cannabis indica strain that tastes and smells of earth and mango, with undertones of berries. Its buds are popcorn-shaped, a forest green in color, and bare orange hairs beneath a layer of coarse trichomes.

Kali China is a combination of the parent strains sativa Kali Mist and indica China Yunnan. It first bred under the care of ACE Seeds.

Its THC levels average at highs between 19%-23%. Its high is known to stimulate both body and mind, with effects stemming from both parent strains. Energy will boost as well as focus. Some reviewers have noted its ability to induce small fits of giggles, adding humor to the overall high experience. Physical effects include a body buzz that relaxes and alleviates aches and pains. As the high wears down, sleepiness will cause the eyes to heavy – making this strain best for evening or night time use.

Expect the usual dry mouth and eyes when consuming Kali China. Higher doses may induce paranoia or other ill-side effects (dizziness; anxiety). 

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Indica Kali China
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