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Danky Doodle, and indica cannabis strain, was originally named Double D in reference to the large buds its produces. It was renamed to avoid the confusion with Double Dutch. Besides its buds being large, they smell skunky but sweet, often being quite pungent.

Danky Doodle’s lineage comes from the indica Big Bud, first being bred by KC Brains. Some say the other strains crossed with Big Bud are KC 636 and Viking.

The THC content of this strain are still debated, but its high is known to be mostly a body buzz. It leaves the consumer both happy and tingly all over, with a very slight increase in energy. Some reviewers have noted this strain may help arouse.

Expect dry eyes and mouth, with dizziness or headaches surfacing if consumed improperly.

Growers should expect flowering within about eight weeks, some crops taking as long as 11 depending on growing conditions. Danky Doodle produces high yields due to its immense buds. Added support may be needed to avoid stems snapping.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 21%

Genetic Lineage

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