Critical Plus

THC: 21% CBD: <1% Nighttime

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About this Hybrid Strain

Critical Haze is a hybrid cannabis strain that produces a scent that’s both like citrus and of fresh soil. Its harvest-ready buds are dusted with a frosty layer of trichomes atop leaves with light violet hues.

THC levels of Critical Haze average at 21%. Its high is known to be a creeper, taking several minutes for its full effects to be felt. Mood will improve, though the body will become lazy and couch-locked. Critical Haze will sedate, so consuming closer to bedtime is recommended. The body will feel at complete ease, though quite lazy.

Besides common dry mouth and dry eyes, Critical Plus may cause headache, dizziness, or paranoia when consuming in higher doses.

It takes just under seven weeks for Critical Plus to fully flower and ready for reaping.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 21%
CBD: <1%


Critical Plus won the first Highlife Cup in Barcelona. Its genes stem from crossing the indica Big Bud with the hybrid Skunk No. 1.

Genetic Lineage

Hybrid Big Bud
Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin
Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin
Haze - Sativa Cannabis Strain
Sativa Haze
Sativa Thai
Thai Origin