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Afghanica, an indica-dominant hybrid, stands as a shining example of the richness and diversity found within the cannabis world. This strain is a testament to the art of selective breeding, combining the best traits of its parent strains to create something truly special. While the specific parent strains are not explicitly mentioned, Afghanica likely owes its lineage to classic indica varieties known for their potent effects and rich, aromatic profiles. The visual appeal of Afghanica is undeniable. Its buds are adorned with deep shades of green and violet, making them a feast for the eyes. Fiery orange pistils weave through these colorful buds, providing a beautiful contrast that highlights the strain's aesthetic beauty. This vibrant appearance is often a precursor to the quality and potency that Afghanica has to offer.

Afghanica's aroma is as distinctive as its appearance. The initial skunky scent, a hallmark of many cannabis strains, is enriched with subtle citrus notes and the refreshing scent of pine. This complex aroma sets the stage for the flavor experience. Upon tasting, Afghanica reveals a herbal flavor profile that evokes the sensation of sipping a warm cup of tea infused with the earthy essence of pine. This delightful taste lingers on the palate, inviting users to savor each hit.

With an average THC level of around 20%, Afghanica offers a potent and immersive experience. Users report entering a euphoric state, where the mind is adrift in blissful contentment. However, this mental journey is accompanied by physical effects as well; Afghanica induces sleepiness and stimulates the appetite, making it ideal for evening use. It also provides significant relief from aches and pains, addressing issues like nausea and arthritis discomfort. Notably, some users have highlighted its ability to enhance arousal, adding another dimension to its array of effects.

Despite its many benefits, Afghanica comes with potential side effects, such as dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and anxiousness, especially when consumed in larger quantities. These are generally manageable with responsible use and ensuring proper hydration.

Growing Afghanica requires some knowledge of cannabis cultivation, particularly in terms of managing indica-dominant hybrids. While specific details on its terpene profile and flowering time are not provided, growers can anticipate a plant that thrives in controlled environments, offering a generous yield of potent, aromatic buds. The presence of skunky, citrus, and pine aromas suggests a rich terpene profile that contributes to both its therapeutic effects and flavor.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 20%
CBD: <1%


This strain gets its genetics from Afghani #1. Afghanica first blossomed under the care of the Flying

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Hybrid Afghanica

Frequently Asked Questions About Afghanica

What is Afghanica?

Afghanica is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain first bred by the Flying Dutchmen.

Where does Afghanica come from?

Afghanica receives its genetics from Afghani #1.

What does Afghanica smell like?

The aroma of Afghanica is skunky, with notes of pine and citrus.

What does Afghanica taste like?

The taste of Afghanica has been described as herbal, with an undertone of pine.

What colors does Afghanica have?

The buds of Afganica are deep green and violet in color and covered with orange pistils.

What effects does Afghanica have?

Many have shared the effects of Afghanica as euphoric and may induce sleepiness and hunger.

Is Afghanica an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Afghanica is an Indica dominant cannabis strain.