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Lionheart is a distinguished pure sativa strain, delivering an unparalleled and intense experience that sets it apart in the cannabis world. Originating from a blend of Africa Sativa and #14 Sativa, Lionheart carries the genetic backbone of some of the most vibrant and energetic sativa strains, promising a ride filled with euphoria and clarity. This lineage ensures a high that is as invigorating as it is uplifting, making it a favorite among sativa enthusiasts. Lionheart's nugs are as powerful as they are beautiful. They present a rich, dense forest green color that begs to be examined. Fire-like orange hairs wrap around the nug, and in some cases, the buds might have faint purples and deep greens making them seemingly too pretty to smoke. And with the haze of white resinous trichomes, it becomes very clear that this strain is not to be underestimated.

At the start of the smoking experience, Lionheart tantalizes the senses with an intense, earthly fragrance, flavored by a mild sweet-scented spice. More thoroughly, it presents elaborate traces of spruced woods and orange, lighting up the entire sensory journey. The taste, without exception, leads you through smooth and delicious waves, passing through the profound herbal notes until your taste buds are reached by a touch of pine and bitterness. This set of flavors ensures that every singular puff is worthwhile.

Lionheart's effects are as bold and brave as its name implies. It sends users into an intense, long-lasting high characterized by an invigorating burst of mental and physical excitement. It has a sudden, striking start, with a headrush that clears the fog and brings in feelings of ecstasy, intellectual lucidity, and enhanced attention. Creativity rushes out of people's brains, and everyone's spirits are lifted. In social environments, artistic pursuits, or just to give an extra accommodating edge to everyday activities, Lionheart is a flexible pick.

Having originated from the blending of African and #14 Sativa genetics, Lionheart is likely to thrive in grow environments that allow plenty of space and ample sunlight to let its sativa-dominant genes flourish. While specifics may vary, expect best performance from Lionheart with longer flowering times typical to Sativa-based strains. Possessing high amounts of myrcene, pinene, and limonene requires Lionheart’s profile to punctuate deep earthy tones with vibrant citrus and pine notes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lionheart

What is Lionheart?

Lionheart is a pure sativa strain known for its powerful effects and robust characteristics.

Where does Lionheart come from?

Lionheart is believed to stem from Africa Sativa and #14 Sativa.

What does Lionheart smell like?

Lionheart has an aroma described as a combination of earthiness, sweetness and hints of pine. It has detectable notes of citrus, fuel, and spice.

What does Lionheart taste like?

Lionheart has a taste that is a blend of earthy, sweet, and spicy flavors. With undertones of citrus, pine and fuel. Its taste is robust and strong.

What color does Lionheart have?

Lionheart commonly comes in pale-green colors with vibrant orange pistils and possible purple highlights. The strain's dense nugs are coated in a fine layer of white trichomes.

What effects does Lionheart have?

Lionheart is known for its intense effects that can deliver a strong and energizing experience. It is shared to provide a combination of cerebral stimulation and physical bliss. Lionheart's effects are often described as uplifting, potentially enhancing mood, creativity and focus.

Is Lionheart an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Lionheart is a pure sativa strain.