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Kobain Kush, an indica cannabis strain, derives its name from the relaxed mentality that befalls the consumer that’s perfect for enjoying music. Its harvest-ready buds emit a coffee-like aroma with undertones of pine and pepper with a tastes that’s quite similar.

Kobain Kush is the result of combining the genetics of the indica Pre-98 Bubba Kush with the hybrid White Lotus. It first blossomed under the care of Red Eyed Genetics.

THC levels of Kobain Kush are still being debated, but its high will render the consumer into a euphoric mood (despite negative stereotypes associated with the musician). The problems and stresses of the day will melt away as a state of introspection beckons. Appetite will increase, so be ready for a case of the munchies and have snacks at hand.

Another negative side-effect besides the typical dry mouth and eyes includes anxiousness when consuming higher than one’s tolerance level. 

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Indica Kobain Kush