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The indica cannabis strain K-Train is known to produce harvest-ready buds that are immense in size. Its smell and taste are reminiscent of chestnuts and fruit, with undertones of wood. Some have noted a slight undertone of black licorice as well.

The parent strains of K-Train are a combination of the hybrid Trainwreck and they hybrid OG Kush. It first blossomed under the care of Greenhouse Seeds.

The THC content of K-Train is still currently being debated, however, its high is known to be a wonderful combination of the full-body relaxing qualities of OG Kush and the favorable mental buzz of Trainwreck. It’s known to be a great strain used throughout the day, as it will relieve aches and pains while keeping the head clear and focused for creative activities. However, it is known to also create a slight sedating effect, so ensure said creative activities don’t require too much movement, rather, more thinking. K-Train will also help relieve stress and mild depression.

If consumed improperly, K-Train can cause dizziness, paranoia, or headaches. Dry mouth and eyes are to be expected.

K-Train takes approximately nine weeks to fully flower. 

Genetic Lineage

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