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The indica cannabis strain Jr derives its name from a German alcoholic beverage. Both the strain and beverage produce a smell and taste that is reminiscent of black licorice. Its buds are spade-shaped, mossy green, and have yellow-amber pistils. Reviewers have also described its scent as earthy and of pine while others describe its buds as baring hints of deep purple.

The lineage of Jr is believed to come from Hindu Kush’s genetics. Otherwise, Jr’s exact heritage remains unknown with rumors stating it was first bred in Southern Oregon.

The average THC levels of Jr are still to be determined.  Its high produces effects that are normal for an indica strain. Jr will fully relax the body, easing all tension of muscles and aches in joints/bones. It will leave the consumer feeling happy with uplifted spirits, though perhaps sleepy which makes this strain good for use at night. Sedation can take effect as well as the munchies, so have food and a couch or bed at hand.

Negatives of consuming Jr include the normal dry eyes and mouth, along with some reporting slight phases of dizziness, anxiousness, and paranoia if too much is consumed in one sitting.


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