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Hog’s Breath, aka “The Hog,” is a 100% indica cannabis strain that bares dense multi-shaded green buds that have lots of orange pistils throughout. Its scent is similar to cheddar cheese, with some describing it more like a “wet dog” smell (or perhaps like “hog breath”). Taste-wise, this strain is sweet and earthy. 

The parent strains of Hog’s Breath are a cross between the indica Hindu Kush and indica Afghani. It first blossomed in Tennessee (some contest San Diego) under the care of a breeder nicknamed “The Hog”. TH Seeds then took up care for the strain.

The THC content of this strain rests between 10%-13%, making it a decent choice for novice consumers. Its high will create a warming sensation throughout the body, relaxing it without leaving the consumer feeling too lethargic or fatigued. The mind will remain clear, with slight increases in creativity. It can be used throughout the day, and will help alleviate mild aches and pains throughout the body. It can also induce the munchies, helping some with stomach issues.

Negative effects of this strain include paranoia, headache, and anxiousness if consumed improperly. Dry mouth and eyes are normal.

It takes eight to nine weeks for Hog’s Breath to fully flower.

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Indica Afghani
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