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About this Indica Strain

The indica cannabis strain Eastern European derives its name from its native origins. Referring to this strain can refer to any strain that originates from the region. Eastern European strains normally taste woody, spicy, or piney, with hints of earth/soil in the mix. Their buds will be typical of indicas – short and stout with thicker leaves and hues ranging from minty-green to deep olive.

Eastern European is a landrace strain, meaning it’s an original; it’s a strain that’s been in the wild and cultivated by natives.

THC and CBD levels will vary, but these indicas generally have higher CBD levels than sativas. Their highs will be typical of indicas as well, causing deep bodily relaxation, sleepiness, heady cerebral effects that leave you spacey yet happy, couch-lock, and sedated.

Negative side-effects will also vary depending on strain and potency of Eastern European strains, almost always leaving the consumer with cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes. Paranoia, dizziness, headaches, and anxiety are also possible.

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