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The balanced hybrid cannabis strain named Valley Girl arguably derives its name from the stupefying effects it has on its consumers. Its scent and taste are of sweet citrus with floral undertones.

Its scent and taste are of sweet citrus with floral undertones. When crops of Valley Girl are ready for reaping, their buds contain an immense amount of sticky resin.

THC levels of Valley girl are currently at a toss-up, but its high is known to be strong, relaxing the mind into a state of euphoria and enhanced creativity. However, Valley Girl will cause sleepiness so it’s best to consume in the late afternoons or evenings until tolerance levels are known.

While not many negative side-effects have been reported or described by reviewers, paranoia or anxiety are possible with most strains when higher doses are consumed.

It takes about nine to ten weeks for Valley Girl to fully flower and produces high yields.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
CBD: <1%


The parent strains are a cross between the hybrid SFV OG and indica Face Off OG. It first blossomed under the care of Archive Seed Bank.

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Hybrid Valley Girl