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Purple Gorilla is an indica-dominant hybrid hailing from the Bay Area of Northern California. It was named after the massive purple buds it produced. Purple Gorilla is believed by some to be a descendant of Mendocino Purps while others swear it comes from Purple Rain Forest.

No one disagrees that this generous yielder produces very large buds made up of dense yet fluffy forest-green and violet spiraled leaves. Strands of bright-orange pistils curl from every nook of the buds, while a white trichome-frost coats the outside of the flower.

This strain omits an earthy-pine odor, with hints of grapes and berries. Smoking or vaping this strain unleashes a sour grape flavor that lingers leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

The dominant terpenes in Purple Gorilla are linalool and terpinolene, both of which are believed to reduce stress and anxiety. Users report a potent sedative effect, which may be especially of benefit to medical users suffering from anxiety, depression, and PTSD. They say that this strain is beneficial for treating spasms and cramps by allowing a calming effect to transfer over to the musculature of the body. The trippy psychedelic cerebral euphoria creeps up slowly, reportedly causing stress and anxiety to melt, leading to feelings of contentment and satisfaction. This strain is best enjoyed in the evening a couple hours before bed. Consumers say they have experienced a deeper and more restful sleep after using Purple Gorilla, making it a good option for medical users dealing with insomnia.

The popularity of this strain undoubtedly came from the massive buds it produced, and the ease at which Purple Gorilla can be grown both indoors and out. It is naturally resistant to mold and mildew and grows remarkably well on its own. Outside of pruning to get light to the lower nodes for maximizing yields, little else has to be done to Purple Gorilla. It can be ready for harvest in just 7 weeks with each plant gifting up to a pound and a half of flower!


Purple Gorilla likely originated in the Bay Area around San Francisco, California. Its genetics are somewhat of a mystery, but it may be an inbred cultivar of Mendocino Purps (aka The Purps).

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Frequently Asked Questions About Purple Gorilla

What is Purple Gorilla?

Purple Gorilla is an indica-dominant hybrid from Northern California and get its name from the distinct and impressive purple buds it produces.

Where does Purple Gorilla come from?

The exact genetic lineage of this strain is a mystery but is said to come from Mendocino Purps with a possible connection to Gorilla Glue #4

What does Purple Gorilla smell like?

Purple Gorilla produces a sharp musk that is both earthy and sour. It has mild and sweet fruit undertones

What Purple Gorilla taste like?

Purple Gorilla has a similar flavor profile as its aroma profile. It has a rich earth flavor that can be a little spicy but has a sour almost fruity aftertaste.

What color does Purple Gorilla have?

Purple Gorilla has forest-green buds that have purple accents woven throughout. Its orange pistils curl around the entire bud while white trichrome crystals coat Purple Gorilla in its entirety.

What effects does Purple Gorilla have?

Consumers of Purple Gorilla brags about its immediate ability to relieve stress and anxiety. Being an indica-dominant strain it has shown to have powerful sedative effects and medical users have said it benefits them by alleviating an achey body. It has been said to have some psychedelic effects of euphoria.

Is Purple Gorilla an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Purple Gorilla is an indica-dominant hybrid