Linalool : Know Your Terpenes

What reduces stress even better is the terpene mainly found in lavender.


Imagine running through fields of lavender, outstretching your arms and feeling the tiny, soft petals beneath your hands and fingertips. The mere thought can reduce stress, distracting us from whatever was on our mind in that moment. But what reduces stress even better is the terpene mainly found in lavender that’s also in a great deal of cannabis strains – linalool.

You can find this terpene in sweet basil, tomato, rose, laurel, and especially in perfumes and colognes – even teas and coffee. It’s placed in incense and candles, and often used in aroma therapy. While lavender is the main comparison for this terpene’s scent, it’s also known to have a hint of blueberry, citrus, or woody accents.

Linalool has been linked to reducing pain, acting against anxiety, lowering inflammation, and has anticonvulsant properties, leading us to believe its presence in cannabis attributes to the plant’s ability to calm seizures. It’s also a sleep aid, so no wonder most strains with this terpene make us sleepy.

Cannabis strains that contain higher traces of linalool are Amnesia Haze, Lavender, LA Confidential, and Purple Kush, among many others we can point out using our noses to spot that lavender appeal.

Boiling point for linalool is 388 degrees Fahrenheit, so don’t vaporize this terpene by going over this temperature if you plan to cook with it.

As always, terpenes affect each of us differently depending on our body chemistry and what compounds are present that they can act synergistically with.