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When it first hits, Platinum Truth is an energizing and uplifting hybrid cannabis strain that gradually evolves into a calming, happy, even sleep-inducing relaxation, according to those who have tried it. As a Truth strain at the top of its game, reviewers have shared that Platinum Truth is as potent as it is well-balanced and hits in progressive waves of effects, getting stronger as the high builds.

Upon opening a package of this strain, you’ll first notice earthy and piney aromas with notes of nut and sweetness. The flavor is piney and smooth with hints of herb and earth that really come through on the exhale.

This strain is one of the many platinum strains that has a metallic appearance from its silver layer of trichome frost. The density of trichome frost combined with vibrant green bud leaves gives the impression that it’s charged with electricity.

There is no doubt Platinum Truth is also charged with terpenes, namely pinene, humulene, and ocimene, which not only contribute to the flavor and aroma of the strain, but also contribute to how this strain interacts with your body. THC percentage levels tend to come in around the low twenties.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Platinum Truth

What is Platinum Truth?

Platinum Truth is a hybrid cannabis strain with potent and long-lasting effects that uplift mood while providing energy and deep relaxation.

What does Platinum Truth mean?

Platinum Truth is a derivative of other Truth strain genetics and is considered to be a top-level platinum version of the lineage.

Where does Platinum Truth come from?

Platinum Truth comes from a Truth strain and other unknown genetics.

What does Platinum Truth smell like?

Platinum Truth smells piney and nutty with notes of herb and sweetness.

What does Platinum Truth taste like?

Platinum Truth tastes nutty and piney with a smooth herbal and earthy finish.

What color does Platinum Truth have?

Platinum Truth is vibrant green flower with a dense layer of silver trichome crystals that give the bud a metallic appearance.

What effects does Platinum Truth have?

Platinum Truth elevates both mood and energy, providing cerebral enjoyment, before gradually turning into a deep mind and body relaxation experience, according to those who have tried it.

Is Platinum Truth an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Platinum Truth is a hybrid cannabis strain.