Pinene : Know Your Terpenes

How certain strains have that fresh scent.


We’re sure you can guess what pinene smells like. It’s a terpene found not only in cannabis, but in pine needles, conifer trees, dill, and basil among other fresh-scented plants and herbs. Its aroma is easy for our noses and lungs to process, which contributes to why we know it to be a bronchodilator – it can help improve the airflow to our lungs. This is why its scent is so popular in the realm of candles, air-fresheners, and cleaning supplies, and why traces of it are found in balms that are meant for opening up our sinuses.

Like many terpenes, pinene has anti-inflammatory properties, but it's better known for its ability to help improve focus so long as sedative terpenes like myrcene aren’t abundant in the same cannabis strain.

Jack Herer, Dutch Treat, Island Sweet Skunk, OG Kush, and Strawberry Cough are strains with higher traces of pinene, and they’re mostly known to increase either energy or creativity.

Pinene’s boiling point is 311 degrees Fahrenheit, so don’t vaporize this terpene by exposing it to heat hotter than this.

Remember that terpenes affect each of us differently depending on our body chemistry and what compounds are present that they can act synergistically with.