OG Shark

THC: 20% CBD: <1% Nighttime

Taste & Smell


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About this Hybrid Strain

OG Shark is a well-balanced hybrid cannabis strain that produces . Its scent and taste are reminiscent of sweet blueberries and diesel with undertones of fresh earth and wood.

OG Shark's harvest-ready buds are plump and lumpy, being an emerald green with purple hues and a thick coating of trichomes.

THC levels average at around 20%. Its effects are known to be extremely potent, relaxing the consumer quickly as mood elevates and a sleepy sense of euphoria enters the mind. This strain is best used at night because of its sedating effects. Reviewers note OG Shark’s fantastic ability to help alleviate the symptoms of nausea, sleep disorders, and chronic pain.

Negative effects besides dry mouth and eyes include paranoia and dizziness when consuming too much in one sitting.

OG Shark grows best outdoors and has four phenotypes.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 20%
CBD: <1%


Genetics are currently unknown, with many who come across it noting it could be a cross between the indica Blueberry and sativa Sour Diesel. OG Shark first blossomed in Canada, where it’s primarily found.

Genetic Lineage

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Hybrid OG Shark