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Odyssey OG cannabis strain is a mood lifter that is great for socializing or going out, according to some reviewers. As the high first comes on, this strain enhances mood and blasts energy that makes it easy to talk and laugh with those around you.

A descendant of Afghani lineage, Odyssey OG is a complex, well-balanced hybrid and the energy eventually gives way to a thorough body high. Aromas include an abundance of sweet, sugar, and candy with pine mixed in. The exhale is earthy with notes sweetness.

The dark green Odyssey OG buds have orange pistils throughout and what looks like a sprinkling of trichome crystals all over.

Above average terpene levels are present for limonene, pinene, and linalool. THC levels cover a wide range from 15% to 23% so be sure to check with your local licensed dispensary for the most recent lab data for your product.

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Odyssey OG - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Odyssey OG

Frequently Asked Questions About Odyssey OG

What is Odyssey OG?

Odyssey OG is a hybrid cannabis strain known by reviewers for its uplifting, euphoric effects.

What does Odyssey OG mean?

Odyssey OG cannabis strain is a variation of the popular Odyssey strain.

Where does Odyssey OG come from?

The Odyssey OG name comes from the stain’s Odyssey lineage.

What does Odyssey OG smell like?

Odyssey OG smells like sweet sugar with notes of pine.

What does Odyssey OG taste like?

Odyssey OG tastes sweet with a hint of nuttiness on the exhale.

What color does Odyssey OG have?

Odyssey OG cannabis strain is dark green with purple hues throughout and a generous coating of white trichome crystals.

What effects does Odyssey OG have?

Odyssey OG effects are uplifting and euphoric along with a peaceful sense of relaxation according to consumers.

Is Odyssey OG an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Odyssey OG is a hybrid cannabis strain.