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Iced Widow, an indica-dominant cannabis strain, harvests spade-shaped, mint-colored buds that bare rich golden pistils and a crystalized layer of chunky trichomes reminiscent of ice cycles. It scent is of diesel, with undertones of lemon and pine and a taste that’s similar. Some have reviewed it as having an earthy, berry flavor.

The parent strains of Iced Widow are a combination of the hybrid White Widow and hybrid Ice.

Iced Widow produces a high average THC level between 18%-20%. The start of the high is known to begin with a euphoric sensation, easing the mind and body simultaneously relaxing them into contentedness. Reviewers describe this strain as bringing you to peace with the world around you. In some cases, fits of the giggles may entrance the consumer. Munchies may eventually set in, but the body high is known to be long-lasting and great for fighting off body pains and muscle spasms.

The negative effects of this strain include anxiousness due to its high THC levels, and dry mouth is normal.

Flowering time for Iced Widow takes about eight weeks, fully blossoming by the end of October. This strain is great for both novice and veteran growers alike.

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Hybrid Iced Widow
White Widow - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid White Widow
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