THC: 22-27% CBD: <1% After Work

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About this Hybrid Strain

The indica-dominant hybrid Funfetti is a cannabis strain that has a scent and flavor reminiscent of a creamy vanilla and berry birthday cake, thus its name. Its harvest-ready buds are shaped like spades and deep shades of purple and blue, having bright orange pistils and a lovely layer of trichomes.

THC levels average between 22-27%, making it highly potent and not recommended for the noviceconsumer. Its high will uplift the spirits as well as energy, with a tingling sensation in the back of thehead. A deep sense of purpose and comfort will overcome the mind, sometimes leading towards smallfits of the giggles as happiness surges. As the high wears on, a sedation may occur, relaxing the bodyfully and allowing the eyes to heavy.

Negative side-effects besides dry mouth eyes are dizziness if consuming improperly.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 22-27%
CBD: <1%


Parent strains of Funfetti include the two hybrids Cherry Pie and Animal Cookies (a phenotype called Secret Cookies). It first blossomed under the care of Bay Exclusives in Northern California.

Genetic Lineage

Funfetti - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Funfetti
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Hybrid GSC
OG Kush - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid OG Kush
African Origin
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SFV OG - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
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