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Cherry strains continue to proliferate as consumers discover the delicious flavor and balanced high that cherry genetics bring to any strain combination. Cherry Creek OG maintains the consistency of cherry strains with its well-balanced high that some say can be strong for beginners. Reviewers say to expect an initial cerebral rush of euphoria when the high first sets in followed by elevated mood and an increased desire for social activity.

Eventually the uplifting energy relaxes into an uplifting body buzz that consumers say leaves you feeling relaxed, mellow, and in a state of bliss.

Upon examination, the Cherry Creek OG bud can appear non-descript, light green in color, and compact. However, upon opening the packaging, the aroma gives away that this strain is more powerful than appearances might indicate. The pale flower has some dark green hues punctuated by orange pistils and frosted with trichome crystals.

Some describe this strain as powerful and with THC levels topping out at 26%, there is no question it will elevate you to a different place. Cherry flavors abound along with pungent and spicy notes. Cherry flavor is a constant from start to finish, making this strain a sweet and powerful experience.

Genetic Lineage

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cherry Creek OG

What is Cherry Creek OG?

Cherry Creek OG is a hybrid cannabis strain with well-balanced cherry genetics that will stimulate the mind and provide energy before delving you into a deep, relaxing body buzz according to those who have tried it.

What does Cherry Creek OG mean?

Cherry Creek OG strain comes from Cherry and Kush lineages and pays homage to the popular Cherry Creek area of Denver.

Where does Cherry Creek OG come from?

Cherry Creek OG comes from the Cherry Creek region of Denver with Cherry and OG Kush heritage.

What does Cherry Creek OG smell like?

Cherry Creek OG smells like cherry with some pungent and spicy notes.

What does Cherry Creek OG taste like?

Cherry Creek OG strain tastes like cherry from start to finish with some pungent and spicy notes.

What color does Cherry Creek OG have?

Cherry Creek OG is pale green with some darker hues and an occasional orange pistil sprouting out.

What effects does Cherry Creek OG have?

Cherry Creek OG is cerebrally stimulating and will elevate your mood before it relaxes your body into a vibrating, buzzing mellow state according to reviewers.

Is Cherry Creek OG an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Cherry Creek OG is a hybrid cannabis strain.