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The Boysenberry cannabis strain is a hybrid that’s as mysterious as it is potent. Brought to us by an unknown breeder and unknown lineage, we are left to theorize on its origins. Some say that it could stem from the Goji OG and Afghani strains. Regardless of where it’s from, its potent and long-lasting effects are less of a mystery as reviewers have claimed.

They’ve shared that the Boysenberry strain will take you on a journey of experiences, first with an onset of cerebral energy that brings creativity and the urge to socialize. Then as the high wears down, there’s an eye-drooping sedation that’s sure to invite relaxation and sleep. This hybrid sure brings something for everyone, as they say!

Upon opening the packaging, you’ll notice deep blue hues that make up a majority of the plant. The Boysenberry nugs sprout orange pistil clusters all over its surface. Boysenberry weed has a deliciously citrus and blueberry aroma. When you inhale, you can almost taste the citrus and blueberry throughout the smoke while post-combustion brings out more musky and earthy flavors.

Terpene hunters will easily follow their noses to this one as it bears sweet and musky aromas. Dominant terpenes caryophyllene, pinene, and myrcene help accentuate it. Boysenberry THC levels vary but generally are found to be under 20%.

Genetic Lineage

Boysenberry - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Boysenberry
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Indica Afghani
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Frequently Asked Questions About Boysenberry

What is Boysenberry?

The Boysenberry strain is a hybrid cannabis strain with powerful effects that cover the spectrum of what cannabis experiences have to offer, according to reviewers.

What does Boysenberry mean?

Boysenberry cannabis tastes sweet like blueberries or boysenberries and has deep blue hues throughout the flower. This is likely where its name derives.

Where does Boysenberry come from?

Both the Boysenberry lineage and breeder remain unknown, but some theorize it stems from Goji OG and/or Afghani strains.

What does Boysenberry smell like?

The Boysenberry cannabis strain smells fruity like blueberries and citrus.

What does Boysenberry taste like?

The Boysenberry strain tastes like citrus and blueberries with strong notes of earth and musk on the exhale.

What color does Boysenberry have?

Boysenberry cannabis has a striking blue appearance with lots of orange pistils.

What effects does Boysenberry have?

The Boysenberry cultivar has been reviewed as having a spectrum of effects including cerebral energy, socialization, relaxation and sedation.

Is Boysenberry an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Boysenberry is a hybrid cannabis strain.