Goji OG


Taste & Smell


About this Hybrid Strain

First bred by Bodhi Seeds, the cannabis strain Goji OG was named after not only its lineage, but the bright crimson Himalayan berry. It’s is a cross between Nepali OG and Snow Lotus being a sativa-dominant strain, meaning its effects are largely cerebral rather than felt in the body. Consumers of this strain have reported that they use it to help with stress, anger, and depression among an assortment of other disorders surrounding brain function.

Though it’s a sativa-dominant strain, most consumers agree that there’s the perfect amount of bodily effects coupled with its cerebral effects, which can help in reducing aches and pains felt in joints and muscles.

When you come across Goji OG at your local dispensary, its earthy and sweet cherry-like scent will delight you. Some have described its scent as been similar to a fruit punch. There are undertones of black licorice and it has often been labelled as having a very candy-like scent and flavor. Its buds are similar to other OG strains you come across, looking mossy with slight hues of brown and a flaky texture that allows it to crumble easily to pack into a bowl or vape pen.

THC levels test around the low and mid-twenties, so both veteran and novice consumers can enjoy the effects of Goji OG so long as they use the proper amount. If you go overboard with this strain, it’s possible anxiety may creep up.

Genetic Lineage

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