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About this Hybrid Strain

Also known as Black Lime Reserve, this hybrid pulls its genetics from some well-known sativas and indicas. The buds are medium-to-densely packed with curling calyxes.

The aroma generated by this cannabis plant waft as a blend of pine, citrus, and crushed black peppercorns. Smoke should be smooth and creamy.

Black Lime’s effects tend to stay in the head, with a gentle comeuppance that settles into the skull quite comfortably. An uplifting giddiness should start just a few minutes into a smoke session, and the sensation eventually melts into a cascade of tingles throughout the body. It works decently to control pain symptoms, but it’s best for taking the edge off a long day’s stress, combatting depression, or just getting into the mood for a social occasion or outdoor trek.

Dry mouth is an especially prominent side effect with this strain. High doses of Black Lime 1 may cause slight anxiety or dizziness.


This strain was bred by Aficionado Seeds. It’s a cross between Northern Lights, Purple Kush, Lime Afghani, Chemdawg, and Woodman Canyon Oil Can. Like a lot of mashup hybrids, this one didn’t take on the more exaggerated qualities of its parents. Rather, it inherited qualities of both indica and sativa, but the buzz isn’t too extreme in regards to either phenotype.

Genetic Lineage

Black Lime - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Black Lime