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Power Plant is a sativa-leaning strain that emits a pungent and earthy scent with traces of sandalwood and spice. Its cured nuggets are shaped like pointed tear drops and its mossy green colors are speckled with small orange pistils.

THC levels average from the mid-teens to low-20’s. Fans of Power Plant say they have experienced a decrease of social anxiety with improved creativity. This has given it a reputation of being fun for social gatherings or events. Others have consumed Power Plant and reported mood enhancement coupled with a rush of energy.

Not much is known about Power Plant’s lineage, but it’s believed to stem from an African sativa. In 2006, Power Plant won second place in the High Life Cup as well as in 2008 and 2009.

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Power Plant - Sativa Cannabis Strain
Sativa Power Plant

Frequently Asked Questions About Power Plant

What is Power Plant?

Power Plant is an award-winning and sativa-leaning hybrid strain known for its energizing effects.

Where does Power Plant come from?

Power Plant has an unknown lineage but is believed to stem from African landrace sativa.

What does Power Plant smell like?

Power Plant has a distinctive and pungent aroma that is often described as earthy, spicy, and slightly sweet.

What does Power Plant taste like?

Power Plant is said to be known for its earthy and herbal taste, with subtle hints of spice and sweetness. It offers a a mix of woody notes, pepper, and a touch of tropical fruitiness.

What color does Power Plant have?

Power Plant's buds are often lighter shades of green, with short orange pistils and a frosty layer of white trichomes. The flowers are dense and cone shaped.

What effects does Power Plant have?

Consumers love Power Plant for its energizing and uplifting effects, that they say make it suitable for daytime use. They notice a cerebral high that promotes focus, and sociability.

Is Power Plant an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Power Plant is classified as a predominantly sativa strain.