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Named after the highway baring the same name in Central California, J-27 – a cannabis sativa strain – supposedly originated there as well. Others link its name with the sudden high rush it produces upon consumption. It emits a pungent citrus scent and tastes similar, with piney undertones. Buds are normally compact and covered in bright orange pistils.

The genetics of J-27 are currently shrouded in mystery, but some believe it may have a lineage connected to the sativa Jack Herer.

The THC levels currently need more testing done, but J-27’s high has been reviewed to be great for use during the day, delivering a rush of energy and focus that will boost creative conversation leaving you talkative. Creativity increases and nausea often subsides. Some have noted it can help ease aches and pains in the body, offering a tingling sensation throughout the limbs rather than a body buzz or numbness. As the high wears down, it can make the consumer sleepy.

J-27 can induce anxiousness if higher doses are consumed. 

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Sativa J-27