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About this Sativa Strain

Haze Mist, a pure sativa cannabis strain, releases a sweet and tart scent that has spicy herbal undertones with similar tastes. When harvest-ready, its buds are lime green with hues of purple and have lengthy burnt orange pistils, all covered in a sticky layer of trichomes.

Parent strains of Haze Mist are crosses between the sativa South Indian, hybrid Skunk No. 1, and sativa Haze. It first blossomed under the care of cultivator Flying Dutchman in the mid-80s.

Its THC levels are still uncertain, though it produces a powerful uplifting high that renders the consumer both energized and blissful. Some have described this strain as both a mind-warp and time-warp, often making time seemingly pass slowly by while causing activities to be more enjoyable. Haze Mist also helps one focus, clearing the mind as it engages in stimulating undertakings. It can also help boost appetite, so have snacks at hand.

Not many known ill side-effects are known to occur when consuming this strain besides the usual dry eyes and mouth.

Haze Mist is not recommended for the impatient grower. Its normal flowering period takes 13-14 weeks and reaps the best harvests when grown indoors. 

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Sativa Haze Mist