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Burmese is a revered and beloved strain named after its country of origin, Myanmar (formerly Burma), and offers a unique combination of uplifting effects, delightful flavors, and an intriguing cultural heritage. Burmese buds are known for their visually appealing appearance. The nugs are typically medium sized and are dense and tightly-packed. They are vibrant green with orange pistils woven throughout and a shimmering blanket of trichomes.

Burmese emits an earthy, spicy, and herbal scent with a hint of citrus. Burmese flavor, like its aroma, is sweet and spicy, akin to a medley of tropical fruit and exotic spices. It has earthy undertones that close the gap between sweet and spicy.

Burmese is said to bring a surge of cerebral energy and mental clarity. As the high sets in, many experience a sense of euphoria and heightened focus that can enhance creativity, productivity, and social interactions. They notice it can uplift any mood and promotes a positive outlook, making it a potential choice for individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression. Users suggest Burmese is a great choice for daytime use, because it can provide a boost of energy and motivation without inducing any heaviness or sedation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Burmese

What is Burmese?

Burmese is enjoyed for its robust flavor and for its uplifting and energizing effects.

Where does Burmese come from?

Burmese is believed to originate from the region of Burma (now known as Myanmar) in Southeast Asia. It is a landrace sativa strain, meaning it is a pure, non-hybridized cannabis variety.

What does Burmese smell like?

Burmese carries a distinct and pungent aroma that combines earthiness, spice and hints of floral with herbal notes.

What does Burmese taste like?

Burmese delivers a blend of earthy and spicy flavors with notes of citrus, flowers and hints of sweetness.

What color does Burmese have?

Burmese comes in vibrant green shades with orange pistils scattered throughout the buds. The buds also have a frosty layer of white trichomes.

What effects does Burmese have?

Burmese has uplifting and energizing effects that promote creativity, focus, and an uplifted mood. Burmese's effects are often described as invigorating and mood-enhancing, providing a burst of positive energy and mental clarity.

Is Burmese an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Burmese is a sativa landrace strain.