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About this Sativa Strain

Alice in Wonderland is a sativa cannabis strain the produces bright emerald green buds speckled with mint shades of green that are shaped like spades and enveloped with amber pistils. Its aroma is of wild flowers and fresh soil, with a taste reminiscent of blueberries and earth.

Alice in Wonderland gets some of its genetics from the indica Willy’s Wonder, with rumors floating about of this strain’s true origins.

THC levels average anywhere between 15-23% so be sure to check potency before purchasing/consuming. Its high is popularly known to enhance the senses while uplifting the spirits. Creativity and focus increase, making it a great choice for completing creative tasks and hobbies. It’s also a great choice for outdoor activities such as hikes and picnics. Reviewers note its ability to help alleviate stress, fatigue, chronic pain, and note that it’s very therapeutic regarding these ailments.

Negative side-effects include anxiousness or dizziness when higher doses are taken – dry mouth and eyes being normal. 

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 15-23%

Genetic Lineage