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The indica cannabis strain M-39 is known to produce orange pistils entwined within compact buds. It emits a floral, earthy scent and produces a fruity, citrusy taste. 

The parent strains of M-39 are a cross between the indica Northern Lights #5 and the hybrid Skunk No. 1. However, some claim that M-39 is a cross between Purple Indica and Northern Lights. 

The THC content of M-39 is still debatable, but its high is known to help decrease both stress and anxiety. It uplifts the spirits quickly while relaxing the body into a slight sedation. This strain is also known to help alleviate eating disorders, causing the munchies to arise and alleviating stomach issues. It will cause sleepiness, so consuming this strain in the evenings is best. 

Ill side-effects of this strain include paranoia, dizziness, and headaches if consumed improperly, especially in novice consumers unaccustomed 

M-39 is best grown indoors and can flower anywhere between six and eight weeks depending on environment conditions. 


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