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The strain known as Walter Wright is a Sativa dominant hybrid, that produces beautiful fluffy flowers that appear frosty white, due to its dense coating of sparkling white trichomes. Burnt orange pistils wind its way through its buds, enhancing its appearance. Water White was bred by Mephisto Genetics, crossing The White with an auto-flowering Sativa strain.

Open the packaging, and you'll be greeted with a loud, dank aroma that fills the senses with earthy notes of citrus and pine. The flavor is pungent and sometimes produces a heavy citrus smoke, with notes of pine on the exhale. This plant can be grown in and outdoors, with a longer flowering time of 70 to 80 days and produces heavy yields when cultivated properly.

Consumers have described Walter White as providing a quick onset of cerebral euphoria, leaving them happy and in good spirits. Energy is increased and tends to encourage creativity, laughter, and conversations, according to many. As the high of Walter White starts to settle in, reviewers describe the mind and body relaxing simultaneously, leaving them blissful and pain-free. An increase in hunger has also been reported, so it is advised to keep some healthy snacks nearby.

THC levels can vary widely depending on cultivation techniques used, but usually averages in the mid-teens.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Walter White

What is Walter White?

Walter White is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is known by consumers who describe its uplifting and mood-enhancing effects.

Where does Walter White come from?

Walter White was first bred by Mephisto Genetics, crossing The White with an unknown Sativa.

What does Walter White smell like?

The earthy scent to Walter White is potent, having dank notes of citrus and pine that can quickly fill the room.

What does Walter White taste like?

When smoked or vaped, Walter White produces a heavy citrus smoke, with notes of earth and pine.

What color does Walter White have?

The buds of Walter White appear bright white, due to the heavy coating of trichomes that cover its mint green buds. Long burnt orange hairs brighten its frosty tones.

What effects does Walter White have?

Walter White has been reviewed by consumers to provide a cerebral rush, that is euphoric and uplifting, making them recommend it is an excellent strain for creative tasks and a variety of social situations.

Is Walter White an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Walter White is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain.