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The flavorful and pungent buds of the strain Red berry are a cannabis connoisseur's delight. This tasty terpene profile comes from crossing the two strains Red Cherry Berry and Red Diesel, resulting in a delicious Sativa hybrid that'll leave your mouth watering.

Fans of this strain have said its effects start with an uplifting and happy high that leaves them in a euphoric state bliss. Users have found themselves lazy and hungry as the high of Red berry peaks. Some have also felt a light thrumming or tingling sensation that left them feeling pain and stress-free.

This strain has been reputed by reviewers as good for calming an anxious mind and relaxing the body without worrying too much about falling into heavy sedation.

Red berry is renowned for its pungent scent and flavor. Heavy notes of sweet berries, petrol, and earth give this strain a unique, yet mouth-watering taste that has you craving for more.

Properly cured buds of this strain are forest green with chunky brown pistils and are coated in frosty layer resinous trichomes.
Red berry is also known Red berry Diesel and is also very popular because of its incredibly high THC percentage levels which sometimes reach in the low 30's. Some batches of Red berry may have CBD levels that reach up to 3%.

Genetic Lineage

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Frequently Asked Questions About Red Berry

What is Red berry?

The Red berry cannabis strain has high THC and CBD levels. According to reviewers, this strain tends to bring a calm, euphoric relaxation to both body and mind.

What does Red berry mean?

Red berry may have been named from its lineage, a cross between Red Cherry Berry and Red Diesel.

Where does Red berry come from?

The Red berry strain is bred by crossing the two strains, Red Cherry Berry and Red Diesel.

What does Red berry smell like?

The pungent and aromatic buds of Red berry give off a sweet and berry scent with notes of diesel and fresh earth.

What does Red berry taste like?

The flavor profile of Redberry weed is sweet and unique, having notes of tart berries, earth, and fuel.

What color does Red berry have?

The cured nuggets of this strain are forest green, having chunky brown pistils and a thick layer of frosty white trichomes.

What effects does Red berry have?

According to reviewers, the euphoric high of Red berry sometimes increases both mood and energy. In contrast, others have enjoyed how this strain relaxes any tense muscles in the body due to stress.

Is Red berry an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

The Red berry cannabis strain is considered to be a Sativa hybrid.