Platinum Wreck

THC: 16% CBD: <1% Daytime

Taste & Smell


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About this Hybrid Strain

The big buds that blossom from Platinum Wreck are practically dripping trichome dust as soon as you pick them up with your fingers. This sativa-dominant cannabis plant oozes with the sweet and sour scents of lemon and apple slices, and when smoked it tastes earthy with notes of sweet pine.

This strain offers an energetic, uplifting high that, for some people, may get the mind racing and the feet pacing. It is recommended for treating ADHD, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Some say they find that it also helps with muscle spasticity, exhaustion, fatigue, and day to day stress. It is recommended for morning or daytime use, and should only be smoked at night by those prepared to stay up an extra few hours.

Potential side effects from Platinum Wreck include cottonmouth, dizziness, red eyes, and some anxiety.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 16%
CBD: <1%


Platinum Wreck is believed to be a cross between Trainwreck and possibly Platinum Cookies. Lab tests put it at roughly 16% THC and less than 1% CBD.

Genetic Lineage