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Pink Crack is a heavy indica-dominant hybrid and a phenotype of the infamous Green Crack strain. It is a highly sought-after strain that flies off dispensary shelves. Its buds can be a variety of pink to dark purple with greens only being displayed as minimal highlights. It has fiery orange pistils that swirl around the buds and white trichomes that add to the contrast of this beautiful strain.

Pink Crack has a very sweet aroma of creamy vanilla and sweet candy initially but packs a serious and pungent punch of sharp citrus on the backend. Its flavor profile is similar to its aroma with the first flavor being sweet and tangy fruit combined with a more sour and bitter bite much like grapefruit.

Many have shared the effects of Pink Crack to be like its parent Green Crack. Users say effects start with a lift in mood and energy that elevates their happiness into a euphoric state of bliss. They notice it gives them a tingling sensation in their mind that spreads throughout their body. As the initial wave of effects settles down the experience moves into the body as people report feeling super relaxed and calm. Some have also reported this leads to sleep.

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Pink Crack - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Pink Crack

Frequently Asked Questions About Pink Crack

What is Pink Crack?

Pink Crack is a highly sought after indica-dominant strain.

Where does Pink Crack come from?

Pink Crack is a phenotype of Green Crack.

What does Pink Crack smell like?

Pink Crack smells of sweet candy, rich vanilla and tangy citrus and subtle pepper.

What Pink Crack taste like?

Pink Crack tastes of sweet fruit, candy and bitter citrus.

What color does Pink Crack have?

Pink Crack comes in shades of pink and dark purple with its highlights being green.

What effects does Pink Crack have?

Pink Crack has mood-enhancing qualities that provide a euphoric buzz and physically relaxing effects.

Is Pink Crack an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Pink Crack is an indica-dominant hybrid.