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Mendo Kush, which is known widely as Mendocino Kush, is popularized for its reputed ability to quickly produce a pleasant body buzz that eases light pain found in the neck and back. The genetics of this strain still remain a mystery, but it derives its name from its origins in Mendocino County.

Many reviewers have claimed they use it to tackle restlessness, daily stress, and bad moods. Once Mendo Kush enters your system, they say a light sleepiness will cause your mind to calm and your body to relax, so this is often considered a strain to use in the evenings or at night. It can be used during the day if you don’t plan on tackling any tasks that require intense focus.

When opening up a package of Mendo Kush, you’ll be delighted in its earthy, lemon-lime aroma that also tends to taste a bit citrusy. Its buds are typically covered in a beautiful coating of crystal trichomes with burnt orange pistils.

THC levels tend to fluctuate with Mendo Kush depending on where you’ve purchased it and what cultivation techniques were used, so be sure to check your batches levels before consuming. Some users say that if you consume too much in one sitting, it’s possible that either anxiety or jitteriness will arise.

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Mendo Kush - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Mendo Kush

Frequently Asked Questions About Mendo Kush

What is Mendo Kush?

Mendo Kush sometimes known as "Mendocino Kush" is an indica dominant hybrid strain with classic Kush flavor and effects.

Where does Mendo Kush come from?

Mendo Kush has unknown parent strains within the Kush family.

What does Mendo Kush smell like?

Mendo Kush has a sweet herbal aroma that has skunk and pepper notes.

What does Mendo Kush taste like?

Mendo Kush has a sweet flavor of berries and citrus. Its flavor turns more herbal and earthy which makes it a little bit sour and spicy.

What color does Mendo Kush have?

Mendo Kush has light green buds that are chunky and shaped like mini pine trees. The buds have an abundance of vibrant orange pistils that spider-web everywhere as a heavy coating of white trichomes glues it all together.

What effects does Mendo Kush have?

Mendo Kush has been described as having mood enhancing qualities that have the ability to snap anyone out of a stressful or bad mood. Many note feeling relaxed, calm and happy after consuming Mendo Kush.

Is Mendo Kush an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Mendo Kush is an indica dominant hybrid.