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The beautiful cured nuggets of Kings Kandy are filled with various shades of greens and topped with a thick layer of crystal clear trichomes that glisten beneath a light. The strain's hashy scent and flavor carry citrus and lumber notes, though its taste is a little less pronounced than its smell.

Many reviewers have described how they've enjoyed Kings Kandy for its uplifting cerebral effects, which elevated their mood and left them blissful, relaxed, and hazy. As the high of Kings Kandy kicked in, many users reported a relaxed state of euphoria that quickly left them lazy and sedated.

Others have enjoyed Kings Kandy's potential ability to ease symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and nausea.
THC levels can fluctuate depending on cultivation and curing techniques used, so check your batches levels before consuming.

Genetic Lineage

Kings Kandy - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Kings Kandy

Frequently Asked Questions About Kings Kandy

What is Kings Kandy?

Kings Kandy is an Indica dominant cannabis strain that is enjoyed for its hazy and sedating effects according to consumers.

Where does Kings Kandy come from?

Currently, the lineage of Kings Kandy is unknown.

What does Kings Kandy smell like?

The buds of Kings Kandy emit citrus and hash-like aroma with a deep woody overtone.

What does Kings Kandy taste like?

Kings Kandy offers users a sweet hash flavor with woody and citrus notes.

What color does Kings Kandy have?

Kings Kandy will produce buds with various shades of green and covered in a dense layer of crystal clear trichomes.

What effects does Kings Kandy have?

Users have noted that Kings Kandy's effects are euphoric and relaxing and suited for nighttime use.