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The indica leaning strain known as Kaya or Kaya Girl is bred by crossing the original Mexican Sativa and the rare Top 44 strain. Thanks to its moderate THC percentage levels that range in the mid-teens, this strain has been noted to be an excellent choice for novice and experienced consumers that are looking for a happy, pleasant, and mellow high that will lift your spirits and calm your thoughts. As the high of Kaya settles in, users reported feeling a slight body buzz that can help ease symptoms of pain, inflammation, headaches, and muscle spasms.

Great for novice growers, this strain does well in indoor and outdoor climates, adapting to any condition as long as cultivators use proper cultivation methods. Properly cultivated and cured buds of Kaya will produce dense and heavy bright green buds covered in sparse amber pistils and coated in clear and chunky trichomes that glisten when shined with light. When consumed, Kaya's buds will produce a skunky sweet and flavorful smoke similar to its herbal and spicy aroma.

Genetic Lineage

Kaya - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Kaya
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Hybrid Top 44
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Frequently Asked Questions About Kaya

What is Kaya?

Kaya, aka Kaya Girl, is an indica leaning strain with THC percentage levels that average in the mid-teens. This strain is reported to offer users a mellow and mood-enhancing high that can be consumed any time during the day.

Where does Kaya come from?

Kaya gets its genetics from crossing the two strains, Mexican Sativa and Top 44.

What does Kaya smell like?

The Kaya cannabis strains aroma is skunky and sweet with spicy and piney overtones when broken apart or ground.

What does Kaya taste like?

Like its aroma, Kaya weed offers users a sweet and flavorful smoke that is skunky with notes of herbs and spice.

What color does Kaya have?

Properly cultivated buds of Kaya will produce bright green and dense buds that are covered in a thick coating of trichomes and sparse orange pistils.

What effects does Kaya have?

Due to its moderate THC levels and mellow effects, this strain has been noted to be suitable for novice and experienced consumers looking for an uplifting and pleasant high that relaxes the body and ease anxious thoughts.

Is Kaya an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Kaya is an indica leaning hybrid cannabis strain.