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About this Hybrid Strain

Jelly Breath is a heavily Indica-dominant hybrid that has left its fans feeling zenlike and tingly. The aroma and flavor of this sweet hybrid work well together offering hints of berry fruits and flowery incense. Some consumers have found that the earthy, sweet taste turns slightly spicy when burning.

Some of its consumers have reported feeling calm and relaxed and suggest that Jelly Breath may help with symptoms of insomnia and depression. This strain is also reported to evoke a strong sedative body high, which may alleviate pain and other ailments.

The dense buds of Jelly Breath are typically a rich purple hue, covered in a sugary-coat of jelly, kush, and cookie flavored terpenes. Jelly Breath is a cross between the Mendo Breath and Do-Si-Dos strains, with a whopping 30-33% average THC level.


Frequently Asked Questions About Jelly Breath

What is Jelly Breath?

Jelly Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid that has dense buds with berry undertones which its fans have reported may evoke a sedative high from head to toe.

Where does Jelly Breath come from?

Jelly Breath is a cross between Mendo Breath and Do-Si-Dos strains.

What does Jelly Breath taste like?

The taste of Jelly Breath is earthy with a sweet taste that turns slightly spicy when burning.

What does Jelly Breath smell like?

The scent is an earthy, flowery incense that has a berry overtone.

What color does Jelly Breath have?

The buds of this strain are dense with rich purple hues covered in sugary trichomes.

What effects does Jelly Breath have?

Users have reported a calm and relaxed state having a strong sedative body high.

Is Jelly Breath an indica, sativa or hybrid?

Jelly Breath is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid strain.