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Jah Kush is a nicely balanced hybrid cannabis strain that produces buds deep green in color with hints of violet. Wispy fiery-orange pistils and a visible layer of crystal trichomes cover its cured buds. After noticing this strain’s appealing appearance, you might notice its scent as well as flavor are of wildflowers and lemons, having earthen undertones such as pine or wood.

THC levels of Jah Kush vary depending on crop, so be sure to check percentages before consuming or purchasing. This strain’s effects have been reported by consumers as being great for spiritual epiphanies and meditation rather than experiencing physical effects. Some have said they’ve felt mellow with racing thoughts all but gone, leaving behind a level of creative introspection. Users of this strain have also said it may help with alleviating stress or anxiety.

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CBD: <1%


Genetics of Jah Kush are currently shrouded in mystery, with some believing its roots lie in Northern California.

Genetic Lineage

Jah Kush - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Jah Kush