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Hawaiian Urkle is a tropical indica-dominant strain that combines the exotic allure of Hawaiian with the soothing qualities of Purple Urkle. The buds are dense, sticky, and commonly medium in size. They show a harmonious blend of deep greens and shades of purple as light-orange pistils are scattered amongst the buds. The flowers are chunky and blanketed in a fine frosting of white trichomes.

Hawaiian Urkle carries a distinct sweet and fruity fragrance. Many describe tropical fruits, berries, and hints of grape. It delivers sweet and tangy flavors, with hints of tropical fruit, berries, and a touch of grape richness.

Hawaiian Urkle has been said to offer a relaxing and calming high that will melt stress and promote serenity. Users say they experience a mild physical relaxation that reduces worries and mild aches. This strain is commonly used for unwinding after a long day, embracing a vacation-like mindset, and finding tranquility in moments of stillness.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hawaiian Urkle

What is Hawaiian Urkle?

Hawaiian Urkle is known for its unique blend of flavors and effects that offer a taste of the tropics with a relaxing and euphoric experience.

Where does Hawaiian Urkle come from?

Hawaiian Urkle is a hybrid strain that comes from the crossbreeding of Hawaiian and Purple Urkle.

What does Hawaiian Urkle smell like?

Hawaiian Urkle typically carries a sweet and fruity aroma with hints of tropical fruits, citrus, and floral undertones.

What does Hawaiian Urkle taste like?

When consumed, Hawaiian Urkle delivers a flavor profile that often includes a mix of sweet and fruity notes, reminiscent of its tropical Hawaiian heritage. Some users might also detect elements of berry and grape flavors.

What color does Hawaiian Urkle have?

The appearance of Hawaiian Urkle buds can vary, but they often feature shades of light green with vibrant orange pistils. The buds also have a frosty layer of white trichomes.

What effects does Hawaiian Urkle have?

Hawaiian Urkle is often associated with a blend of effects that encompass both relaxation and mental uplift. Users might experience a sense of happiness, creativity, and mild euphoria. The strain's effects promote relaxation without causing extreme sedation.

Is Hawaiian Urkle an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Hawaiian Urkle is an indica-leaning hybrid strain.