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Grape MAC is a captivating, flavorful strain that combines the genetics of Grape Pie and MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies). This hybrid offers a delectable grape-like aroma and flavor, along with balanced effects. Its buds come in a mix of deep greens and purples. The nugs are chunky, dense, have neon orange pistils and a heavy frosting of white trichomes.

Grape MAC emits a sweet grape-like aroma complimented by subtle earthy and herbal accents. Similarly, the taste is sweet and grape flavored with earthy and herbal notes.

Grape MAC is celebrated for its relaxing effects that are calming to both body and mind. It often provides a gentle euphoria and mental clarity that gradually transitions into a totally relaxed body high. Many have shared that while its effects are calming they invigorate appetite so be ready with food options.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Grape MAC

What is Grape MAC?

Grape MAC is a flavorful and intriguing cannabis strain known for its unique grape-like aroma and well-balanced effects.

Where does Grape MAC come from?

Grape MAC is a cross of Grape Pie and MAC.

What does Grape MAC smell like?

The aroma of Grape MAC is a blend of sweet and fruity notes, often resembling ripe grapes and berries, with hints of earthy undertones.

What does Grape MAC taste like?

Grape MAC reveals a sweet and fruity flavor, often reminiscent of grapes and berries, complemented by subtle earthy and herbal nuances.

What color does Grape MAC have?

Grape MAC's buds are typically a mix of deep greens and purples. The flowers are dense, have bright orange pistils, and a fine coating of white trichomes.

What effects does Grape MAC have?

Grape MAC's effects are calming to both body and mind. It often initiates with a sense of relaxation and euphoria that promotes a positive mood and mental clarity. The physical sensations then full take over as consumers feel a full body stone that leaves them melting and in a paralyzing state of bliss.

Is Grape MAC an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Grape MAC is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain.