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Frozen Lassi is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that pays homage to the beloved yogurt-based beverage of the same name. It is enjoyed for its exotic flavors and its uplifting, relaxing effects. This cross of Mango Juice and Jet Fuel Gelato has large, dense buds that are commonly a light mossy green. The flowers have light orange pistils and fine amber trichomes.

The strain's aroma is described as a refreshing, sweet and tangy. Many compare it to ripe mangoes and zesty citrus. A undertones of earthiness and herbal spice completes its full-bodied aroma. Frozen Lassi's flavor delivering a mouthwatering blend of fruity sweetness and refreshing tartness. On the inhale, you'll savor the taste of ripe mangoes and tropical citrus fruits, while the exhale leaves a subtle and pleasant herbal spiciness on your palate.

Consumers say Frozen Lassi initially provides an invigorating and energizing high. Users report feeling happy, content and talkative while the physical effects are light but continually build. As the initial wave of mental clarity dissipates, deep body relaxation takes over, relieving tension and stress. Some note that over-consuming will lead to sleep, so it might not be a bad idea to start slow.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Frozen Lassi

What is Frozen Lassi?

Frozen Lassi is a refreshing and flavorful cannabis strain celebrated for its tropical taste and balanced effects.

Where does Frozen Lassi come from?

Frozen Lassi is a cross of Mango Juice and Jet Fuel Gelato.

What does Frozen Lassi smell like?

The aroma of Frozen Lassi exudes sweet and fruity notes with prominent hints of mango and citrus, often accompanied by subtle undertones of creaminess and earthiness.

What does Frozen Lassi taste like?

Frozen Lassi delivers a blend of sweet mango and citrus flavors, often complemented by creamy, earthy, and fruity nuances.

What color does Frozen Lassi have?

Frozen Lassi's buds typically feature light mossy green colors, accented by hints of orange or yellow. Its flowers are commonly large, dense and coated in a fine layer of amber trichomes.

What effects does Frozen Lassi have?

Frozen Lassi's effects are characterized by their balanced and enjoyable nature. It often initiates with a sense of euphoria and energy that promotes a positive mood and mild mental clarity. The physical sensations lead to a soothing and heavy couch-lock, with some being lulled to sleep.

Is Frozen Lassi an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Frozen Lassi is an indica-leaning hybrid strain.