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About this Hybrid Strain

The rare but highly regarded Emerald Cookies is a strain best suited for veteran consumers and connoisseurs. It’s been known to reach THC levels of 30% and creates a very strong and surreal head high. Expect to contemplate on a deeper level than what you’re used to when consuming Emerald Cookies and be prepared for philosophical conversations that are either intelligent or completely off the wall as users have reported.

Emerald Cookies is known for its strong effect on the mind. It’s an indica-dominant strain, so the body will also be highly affected as soon as the strain enters your system. Reviewers have noted that a comforting weight drop from their shoulders as tension left their body. This is accompanied by a mild, soothing thrumming that allows one to just relax and enjoy.

Once you open your package of Emerald Cookies, you’ll be welcomed with a sweet and floral scent that’s earthy like fresh soil. The buds are shades of deep greens with patches of purple poking out and a frosty layer of trichomes to show you its potency. Consumers have reported that the more you take, the more you’ll feel sedated, so be careful when consuming Emerald Cookies if you aren’t using it at nighttime.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 25%
THC-A: 28.2%

Genetic Lineage

Frequently Asked Questions About Emerald Cookies

What is Emerald Cookies?

Emerald Cookies is a rare strain with batches reporting indica dominance and others reporting sativa-dominance.

Where does Emerald Cookies come from?

Emerald Cookies is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies.

What does Emerald Cookies smell like?

Emerald Cookies smells of citrus with notes of smooth cream and rich earth.

What does Emerald Cookies taste like?

Emerald Cookies has a sweet flavor with notes of lemon and a sour after taste.

What color does Emerald Cookies have?

Emerald Cookies can be an array of colors but usually has buds that are clustered together like grapes on the vine that are minty green and purple. It has white trichomes that cake the buds and fiery orange pistils.

What effects does Emerald Cookies have?

Emerald Cookies has been said to be loved for its powerful cerebral effects. Fans say it gives them a nice buzz that can make them scatter-brained which doesn't really bother them since the state of bliss and happiness is quite pleasant.

Is Emerald Cookies an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Emerald Cookies is hybrid with varying strain type dominance.