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The sativa-dominant hybrid Dog Shit is a cannabis strain that derives its name from its odor, though it shouldn’t deter consumers from trying it. Its harvest-ready buds are cone-shaped and lumpy, being dense and forest green in color.

Taste-wise, Dog Shit does not taste like its name, rather, it’s quite earthy and sweet with hints of pine.

THC levels often vary, so checking potency before consuming or purchasing is recommended. Its effectsare known to induce euphoria, uplifting the spirits and melting away any stresses in both the body andmind. Energy will increase, making tasks seemingly easier to complete as the mind stays clear.

Beyond dry mouth and eyes, negative side-effects include headache, paranoia, or anxiousness when toomuch has been consumed above tolerance levels.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
CBD: <1%


Parent strains of Dog Shit include crossing the indica Afghani and two sativas Colombian Gold and
Cambodian. Some note genetics of Purple Zacatecas may also be within Dog Shit.

Genetic Lineage

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Hybrid Dog Shit