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Deep Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that produces a scent and taste reminiscent of its name, being quite potent. Its buds are an olive green with yellow pistils, having amber-tinted tri- chromes throughout.

THC levels are still unknown, however, its high is known to help induce creativity in the consumer,making it a great choice in tackling hobbies. It will also help alleviate tension, anxiety, and depressionaccording to reviewers. Relaxation will spread its way throughout both the body and mind, improvingmood an overall state. Sleepiness may arise, as well as the munchies – so have snacks at the ready.

Negative side-effects include paranoia along with dry mouth and eyes when consuming in higher doses.

It takes about eight weeks for Deep Cheese to fully flower.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
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CBD: <1%


Deep Cheese is the results of multiple generations of inbreeding the infamous hybrid strain named Cheese. It first blossomed under the care of Dinafem, a Spanish seed bank.

Genetic Lineage

Deep Cheese - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Deep Cheese

Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Cheese

What is Deep Cheese?

Deep Cheese is an indica-dominant strain of cannabis.

Where does Deep Cheese come from?

Deep Cheese is believed to be a cross between the strains Skunk #1 and Cheese.

What does Deep Cheese smell like?

It is reported to have a strong, pungent aroma of cheese.

What does Deep Cheese taste like?

It is reported to have a strong, pungent taste of cheese. It is robust and rich.

What color does Deep Cheese have?

The color of the buds and leaves can vary depending on the growing conditions, but typically they are lighter green with an abundance of neon orange hairs and a thick frosting of white trichomes.

What effects does Deep Cheese have?

It is reported to have relaxing and uplifting effects. Many mention feeling a burst of creativity and euphoria. Some note feeling an alleviation from tension and stress about consuming Deep Cheese.

Is Deep Cheese an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Deep Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.