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The cannabis arena is conquered by Dark Horse, through being an elusive challenger that comes through with tranquility and relaxation. They've hit the height of euphoria with this strain. The lineage is one thing, as it’s a blend between Michael Phelps OG and Gobbstopper. They’re both known for having some potent effects and complex flavors. Strong stuff! This is by far one of the best plants they’ve grown yet. The dense, forest green buds are packed with trichomes, so many of them, in fact, that they create a white covering. They may just use the Dry Sift and rosin off this! The Deep purple and indigo hues peek through the trichome blanket, while the bright orange pistils burst from within, giving a vibrant splash of color that really livens up the appearance.

When you crack open a bud of Dark Horse, you’re hit with an array of flavors that blend the savory earth notes mixed with a piney aroma and dark berry fragrances. Upon first taste, the earthy flavors that you’re introduced to seem to roll across your taste buds, a tribute to the roots that this strain calls home. Once the earth subsides, an attack of blackberries, black cherries, and hints of grapefruit rind all fall in line with the in-house terroir, adding a unique and enjoyable final taste.

Dark Horse earns its name by providing a powerful punch that can take even experienced cannabis enthusiasts by surprise. For those who are into energy and a happy heady state of mind, this strain will kick off a series of uplifting cerebral sharpness that will surely elevate your mood. This onset, which is relatively gentle when compared to its body-numbing counterpart, Purple Cadillac, evolves into a common sense of otherworldly tranquility. The physical aspect is soft and uniformly relaxing, and its easy impact makes it a perfect libation for long, leisurely evenings of inactivity, when it would be helpful to dissolve an ennui that comes from enduring a stress-filled day at the office.

The strain's tight colas and vibrant hues hint at an intermediary level of difficulty in growing. Its musky, fruity bouquet of flavors speaks to the perfect morning, mid-day, or evening toke. Reaching for a bag or jar of everything from another grower, and the terpene lovers will especially love it. They found musky scents of musk, pinene, with earthy hints, and limonene, and found themselves immediately drawn in. Growers usually report that this strain grows a purple toward the end of flowering, but it starts off typically green before a gradual change in hue.

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Hybrid Dark Horse

Frequently Asked Questions About Dark Horse

What is Dark Horse?

Dark Horse is a compelling and robust cannabis strain known for its potency and well-rounded effects.

Where does Dark Horse come from?

Dark Horse is believed to be a cross of Michael Phelps OG and Gobbstopper.

What does Dark Horse smell like?

The aroma of Dark Horse is rich and earthy. It exudes strong and pungent earthy notes with hints of woodiness and herbal undertones.

What does Dark Horse taste like?

Dark Horse offers a bold and intense experience. Inhaling its smoke reveals a hearty and earthy flavor, accompanied by notes of wood and spice.

What color does Dark Horse have?

Dark Horse's buds typically feature deep forest hues, purples, and are accentuated by amber pistils. Its trichomes are moderate and milky white which makes the flowers glossy.

What effects does Dark Horse have?

Dark Horse's effects are characterized by their heavy and sedating nature. It often initiates with a profound sense of relaxation, content, and tranquility that deeply soothes both the mind and body. This strain is favored for its stress-relief and sleep-inducing properties, making it ideal for unwinding and rest.

Is Dark Horse an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Dark Horse is an indica-dominant strain.