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Citrus Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain with indica-leaning traits such as deep relaxation and powerful, long-lasting body effects according to those who have tried it. Reviewers have described the body buzz as intense and the cerebral effects as fast-acting when Citrus Kush takes over.

When opening this strain into the air, you will immediately notice its powerful citrus, orange, and lemon aromas understanding how it earned its name. Citrus continues to come through on taste with undertones of sweet and sour.

This bud has broad leaves revealing various shades to create a visual patchwork of green hues accentuated by an occasional orange pistil. A light coating of trichomes gives everything a slight frosty appearance.

Usually, intense citrus aroma within a cannabis strain corresponds to increased levels of limonene and Citrus Kush is no different. Along with limonene, other prominent terpenes included linalool and caryophyllene. As powerful as this strain is, the THC levels tend to average a low 12% to 16% evidencing the power of the overall cannabinoid makeup of the plant.

Genetic Lineage

Citrus Kush - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Citrus Kush

Frequently Asked Questions About Citrus Kush

What is Citrus Kush?

Citrus Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain with indica characteristics like powerful, long-lasting relaxation and stress relief according to reviewers.

What does Citrus Kush mean?

Citrus Kush is a name given because of this strain’s intense citrus, orange, and lemon aromas and flavor combination.

Where does Citrus Kush come from?

Citrus Kush genetics are unknown but there is no doubt the Kush lineage shines through with the long-lasting body buzz and intense relaxing physical effects.

What does Citrus Kush smell like?

Citrus Kush strain smells strong like orange, citrus, and lemon.

What does Citrus Kush taste like?

Citrus Kush tastes powerfully like citrus, orange, and lemons.

What color does Citrus Kush have?

Citrus Kush has a variety of greens from light to deep, dark green throughout the broad leaves with sporadic orange pistils intertwined in the buds.

What effects does Citrus Kush have?

Citrus Kush strain starts with uplifting cerebral energy and then evolves into a long-lasting powerful relaxing body buzz that can be sedative, according to those who have tried it.

Is Citrus Kush an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Citrus Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain with strong indica characteristics.