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Chocolate Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain that generates a kush-like experience by creating a happy, relaxing body buzz that carries through the entire high according to those who have tried it. Perhaps better utilized in the late afternoon or evening because of its sedative effects, Chocolate Kush is known to bring a sense of euphoria and mental calm that is very pleasing.

You know this strain comes from the Chocolope family as soon as you open the packaging because the chocolate smell wafts from the bud. The signature chocolate aroma stays throughout the flavor profile along with vanilla, sweet, and earth.

On examination you will notice the Chocolate Kush bud is wispy green with brown hues on broad leaves all coated with a resinous trichome layer that looks like it is oozing out of the plant.

The potency and impact of the strain is as powerful as the smells and tastes. THC levels come in around 19% but have been seen as high as 28% depending on the genetic variation. If you enjoy indica relaxation with mental clarity and a flavorful experience, Chocolate Kush will not disappoint.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chocolate Kush

What is Chocolate Kush?

Chocolate Kush is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain known for its mood enhancement and calming, relaxing body buzz according to those who have tried it.

What does Chocolate Kush mean?

Chocolate Kush is a reference to the Kush and Chocolope lineages from which this strain is derived.

Where does Chocolate Kush come from?

Chocolate Kush origins vary depending who you ask but there is no doubt that the Chocolope side of the tree is a prominent part of the genetic makeup.

What does Chocolate Kush smell like?

Chocolate Kush smells sweet like chocolate with other aromas of vanilla and earth.

What does Chocolate Kush taste like?

Chocolate Kush strain tastes chocolatey with flavors of earth and skunk layered into it.

What color does Chocolate Kush have?

Chocolate Kush strain is deep green with brown hues on buds, wide leaves, and an oozing layer of trichome crystals.

What effects does Chocolate Kush have?

Chocolate Kush is known by reviewers to elevate mood and bring a deep, calming relaxation along with mental clarity.

Is Chocolate Kush an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Chocolate Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain that has mostly indica characteristics.